Adventures to Tennessee

It took the whole morning for Matt and I to leave Detroit. I sewed a bike hat for him while he mapped out our route which involved a visit to the Supreme Master. We switched files on our computers so I could have a portable one (THANK YOU!) We stopped to have my 3rd flat tire of the week fixed, loaded up the car, and went to the Eastern Market with Andrea and Curtis.  That was the ultimate way to spend my last hour in Detroit.

After hours of driving, we arrived at our first destination, Bee Rock in Daniel Boone National Forest. We arrived at night, in the pouring rain, a sad attempt at putting up the tent left us running back to the car, wet and tired.  We did manage to put it up a couple of hours later. We awoke to a splendid view, moved to a site closer to the river and went for a hike, finding 7 red-spotted newts in their juvenile eft stage.  SEVEN! Just stumbling about on the path.

Eventually we decided to leave and head into town to get some supplies, almost to the road and then, oh, hey there is a huge white oak tree in our path. Awesome.  With a hatchet and help from the only other person on the campsite, an old dude with not only a mustache, but a truck as well.  The truck proved helpful in moving branches, the mustache proved helpful in reinforcing the idea that this guy was awesome.

We arrive back to the campground just in time for more a quick walk and more rain. Looks like dinner and reading in the car, it’s storming and not letting up.  We eventually make it into our wet tent, slept terribly and wake up to the river sounding fast and nearby…and unzipping the rainfly that didn’t do such a great job, we find the river about 10 feet closer to us than it was, putting it about 10-15 feet away from our tent. Yikes! Where’d that HUGE rock go that jutted out about 12 feet from the river when we first arrived, oh, there it is, sticking a foot out from under the river. We hear trees falling into the river, we see parts of trees rushing down the river. Our minds are blown, we walk out to the bridge that we took pictures at the day before, I take more pictures, but none of them do it justice.

Our campsite, after all of the rain.

We decide to pack up and leave, it’s 7:30am and I play Cash’s Five feet and Rising:

How high’s the water, mama?
Five feet high and risin’
How high’s the water, papa?
Five feet high and risin’

Well, the rails are washed out north of town
We gotta head for higher ground
We can’t come back till the water comes down,
Five feet high and risin’

Well, it’s five feet high and risin’

As the song gets close to ending Matt swears and then I see it, another huge white oak tree across our path- our exit out. Too huge to move and cut a part with a hatchet. Well 5 hours later, and a few helpful people later, we finally find ourselves and the trusty volvo on the otherside of the tree much thanks to a stay at home dad who was concerned with us being trapped in there and the volunteer fire fighters in the area- oh and their chainsaws.

It’s time for me to head back to the forest though. I’ve been out in town for too long and I have an hour drive back to where I am staying in the Cherokee National Forest. More updates about that whenever I can head to town and find internet again.

also, you can find an update on Fender Bender as well.


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