Our field meal

The Peanut Butter & Jelly(Jam) Sandwich!  A staple food source when out in the field.  After smoothly setting up our mistnets for the evening, we had time to eat our dinner before the sun began to set. Out of our packs we each pulled out our most common item on the field work menu- a peanut butter and jelly (or jam) sandwich.

I once thought that I would tire myself after eating such a meal for practically my entire life, and even more so when out on long hikes. It seems as though the opposite has happened.

I’ve discovered the best combination for this delicious sandwich.  Tellico Plains, TN is home to a wonderful bakery cleverly named Tellico Grains.  There is where I find probably the best Multi-grain loaf of bread I’ve ever devoured.  I love chewing on the bits of grains, the bread is so hearty. Many of their breads are vegan, but I have yet to convince them to start making vegan treats.

Just down the street is the Barn o’ Plenty- where one can find local jams, some produce (more to come when the season arrives), antiques and a whole slew of random items.  I think I’m hooked on the blackberry jam. It has little junks of blackberries in it and only a couple of other key ingredients.

Luckily I brought a jar and a half of Dark Chocolate Dreams (Chocolate Peanut Butter!!!) because it partners up well with the blackberry jam. Smear those two on a couple of slices of the multi-grain and I am all set to hike for miles or stay up until 2am trying to catch bats.

It’s also perfect when you are in a hurry.  You can make one in a matter of a couple of minutes. You can eat it if you are lucky enough to be hiking on a clear trail, or through a part of the forest that you won’t get tangled in. Beware: Don’t drop your pbj in a field of poison ivy! Luckily I haven’t done this yet. It also keeps well…most of the time. Last year I had one leak in my pack after hiking under the hot sun in 90+ degrees.  This year I made sure to find a leak proof sandwich container (BPA free even). It’s holding up well.

Make sure you have plenty of water – they can make you very thirsty- but it’s worth it because you get protein and sugars plus some fiber if you are eating decent bread.

Now I am hungry, the best way to end this post.


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