Destination waterfalls

This evening I biked harder and fast(er than I normally bike) up the River Rd.  I realized today that I haven’t been pushing myself as hard as I should be.  Maybe it’s harder than I thought it would be to bike up an incline, or maybe I’ve just been lazy.   Today when I reached the waterfalls, a huge smile took over.  I felt accomplished.  It’s not so much that the waterfalls are far from where I live (it’s a really short ride), but more so that I can ride to the falls everyday.

Last year, Matt and I camped in this area before he dropped me off for my summer adventures.  When leaving the campsite we stopped at the same falls (Bald River Falls) that I biked up to a couple of hours ago.  I awkardly tried to hold the camera out and get a picture of the two of us together with the scenery behind us.  As always it resulted in me scrunching my chin a little too close to my neck (you know, because this gets you further away from the camera).  Luckily for us, two cyclists pitied my sad attempts and offered to take the photo for us.  At the time I remember thinking how crazy it must be to bike up to the falls.  These guys were in full spandex, covered in sweat, and thrilled to be on that ride.  I found it inspiring and thought about how rad (and tough) it would be to bike this area.

Matt & I, June 2009 at Bald River Falls

I’m nowhere near where I want to be with my riding abilities, but thinking back on last year and comparing how I felt then to how I felt when I rode up to the falls puts a smile on my face.

So if it’s not obvious (if anyone runs into this and doesn’t know me) I am in no way a super fit cyclist with lots of high end gear.  I love riding my bike and I want to ride to places far away and go on grand adventures.  I’m used to just riding around in cities, getting to places I need to go.  I am slowly collecting the gear that I’ll need and trying to get in shape for it. & soon Matt and I will embark on our bike journey.


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