Concrete Jungle Hazard

If you know me, you know that despite my middle name, I am not graceful. Luckily so far I’ve managed to stay afoot while hiking through the forest- a couple of close calls though.  Well the other day didn’t turn out so well, but I can’t blame downed trees and tangles of briers for this one. While waiting to meet with Dottie and her intern Robin before heading out to our net site, Max and I were on the other side of the street so I could run into this health food store. I know right, a health food store, in what seems like the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Murphy, NC.  I had to check it out. I drooled a little when I saw that they had Mocha Rice Dream Frozen Pies, and couldn’t resist. I also picked up little tart cherry juice to have later in the night.  Excited about my find, I skip along the wooden barrier between the two parking lots, making my way back to the truck. I spot a dollar bill in the grass, and jump off the barrier to snatch it up. (I somehow manage to not fall during all of this). Now I’m really stoked that I just found a dollar and I have delicious vegan treats.  I’m hopping and yelling to Max about my sweet finds and all of a sudden I’m soaring through the air as I run around the truck. I smash into the pavement hard on my left side.  I start laughing really hard because I can’t stop thinking about how hilarious that must have looked to Max seeing me all of a sudden disappear. My mocha pie is a bit smashed, luckily the glass container the cherry juice is in doesn’t smash, the seal just breaks.  Cherry juice kind of looks like blood when it’s all over your arm.  My elbow, knee, hip and shoulder are bruised, scraped and bloody but I can’t stop laughing… because c’mon… people falling, sometimes it’s funny.  I look to see what the hell sent me to the pavement, and laugh harder when I see that it’s a parking “bumper curb (wheel stops)” — I had to look that term up.


On a side note, it’s memorial day weekend, which to me means too many people in the forest. I opted out of biking up the river road today so I could avoid the million motorcyclists and other people filling up the forest fast.  Instead I’m zoning out on the internet. I’m not sure which is worse. I need to get back to biking now that I’m not too sore after my tumble in the parking lot.

More netting tonight, I’m really hoping that we catch an Indiana bat soon… no such luck yet.


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