Good Zone

Leaving the wilderness and venturing into town.  Every time I think about going into town, I hear lines from Wet, Hot American Summer. If you’ve seen the film, I’m sure immediately the scene pops into your head where they all jump in the back of the truck, head into town- steal purses from old ladies, do lots of drugs and party hard only to arrive back to the campsite an hour later.  I laugh to myself often, thinking of this scene.

Ok, so me going into town isn’t quite like that. As close as I get is punching into the air with excitement and going to the library.

Normally I soak in the internet for awhile.  Last week I explored Maryville, TN on my bike and realized how different it is to ride in a town with hills. I also realized it had been awhile that I had to deal with intersections and bicycling. I rode to this rad bike shop/outdoor store.  Mark and I drove to town together and then went on our own bike rides, with plans to meet at the bike shop.  I hung out there for 3 hours in deep conversations about bikes- styles, accessories, mechanics, everything. The place has a comfortable atmosphere and the staff is beyond helpful.  I was even pointed in the direction of a co-op here in Knoxville.

& this is where I spent a couple of hours inside and outside of today.  I met up with a lady from Michigan, living in Knoxville as a high school Spanish teacher.  She’s very into social justice issues and we connected through the USSF/AMC board.  We chatted for a long time about living down here, mental illness awareness issues, and bike stuff while sitting on the curb snacking.  I filled my basket with bulk foods and produce. Their prices are totally reasonable and their selection satisfies my needs. PLUS you can bring in your own containers to fill up with bulk goods. Perfect! I know where I’ll be getting my groceries.  It’s just over an hour drive away but if I can spend my day here and support something rad, I’m ok with that.

From the co-op I was pointed in the direction of an independent cafe, a couple of minutes away, Old City Java.  The chain of connections I have made that have led me to rad places has been awesome.  It feels good to meet like minded people and find places I am comfortable being in. It’s something that means a great deal to me and makes me really enjoy my day.

In other news I need to get to putting Fender Bender things together for the events at USSF and also work on fine-tuning my presentation for my thesis defense. This is going to be a busy end half of the month but I’m really excited and inspired by the events coming up. Check out the FBD blog for what we have going on during the social forum.

I’ll be back in Michigan June 19 for a few days & I hope to see some of you then.  Bike rides aplenty!


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