Meet The Bumble

I almost apologized for my lack of updates, but then I realized that I don’t feel sorry for spending less time on the internet.  The last couple of weeks have involved driving in 7 states, 6 of them on two separate occasions. What that really means is that I drove to Michigan and back.

But let’s jump back to before that, I have someone I want you to meet. World, meet The Bumble (nickname: B).  The Bumble is my sleek Surly Long Haul Trucker. Soon enough she’ll be sporting her panniers and she’ll be living up to her name.  B was born in Maryville, Tennessee at Cycology Bicycles.  Dave, who works at Cycology, proudly assembled all of her bits and pieces into one smooth ride.  He made sure that she was a perfect fit for me.  As I walked into the bike shop I felt a rush of excitement as I quickly darted about looking for B among all of the other bicycles in the shop…. And then I saw her.  My first reaction was to hug her, and that’s exactly what I did.  I wanted immediately to go for an adventure but I had to settle for a few trips around the building as Dave patiently strategized how to make adjustments here and there, making B all the more perfect for me.  It’s incredible to go to a bike shop and have someone spend hours upon hours going over the smallest details all the way to the overall plan of acquiring a bike. People should feel comfortable not intimidated when going into a bike shop.  It shouldn’t matter if you know everything or very little about bikes, what should matter is the common love of riding a bike and everything that goes along with it.  It’s always  nice to find a place that follows those ideals.

stopping at Bald River Falls on our way up to the state line

It was dark out by the time Mark and I headed back to Tellico Plains after our ritualistic “going to town” plans.  As much as I wanted to ride that night I was exhausted and decided to save the ride until the morning.  Plus riding at night in the forest involves a lot of insects ending their lives on our face and well the rest of you. That is a bum out for both you and them. The Bumble and I went on our first adventure the next morning.  We went on a solo ride up the River Rd, past Bald River Falls and to the State Line Campground (the TN/NC border) and then back down.  It was a solid and smooth 34 miles.  I had to stop along the way and take some photos of the B out and about, and guess who came to meet her??? Two bumble bees, they knew right away that she was their new friend., checked her out and then went back to their daily routines.  I’ll be honest and say that I am a bit sad to part with Bob “the bike” Ross, but I’m sure he’ll make new friends very quickly.  He’s back in his home state of Michigan and has already been helpful during the USSF.

That brings me to Michigan. For organization’s sake, jump to the next post.


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