Abrams Creek

Well we have moved to our 3rd location for work.  I currently reside in the Great Smoky Mountains still, just in a different portion.   I’ve discovered that between where I live and Maryville, TN there are excellent roads for bike training.  I’m pretty sure that bikes in a gym has a very similar training course option.  This has been my favorite place to bike thus far, minus all of the dogs that run out into the road getting a little to close to me & my bike, upset that I am so near to their precious yards.  I’d prefer that the yards and homes and roads were replaced with forests, but the roads are so smooth, so I’ll take advantage of that.

I’m getting better at these climbs, but they are still difficult for me, especially once my legs tire.  I’m working on it though, and I notice that each time I can go a little further and climb a little faster.  Mark and I met up the other day, our good-bye hangout since he is leaving the Cherokee National Forest and actually headed up to Michigan, to the Upper Peninsula, closer to his home state of Minnesota.  We started off our morning meeting at the Blount County library and rode just over 29 miles and just under 30… I really want to say 30, but we were about a 1/4 of a mile short.  I’m proud of myself for biking with someone else, especially someone who bikes just about everyday and can go up hills like they aren’t even there.  It’s easier to push myself to ride further when I am with someone else.

I really want some of my Michigan friends to come down and ride with me, it’s so beautiful down here.  Every time I bike somewhere I think about how it’d be rad to have Matt biking with me.  I have so many places to show him when he comes down in September.  On that note, this Friday I will be meeting Matt in Atlanta.  He and the rest of the guys in The Summer Pledge are all on tour, traveling the U.S. for a month. I am soooo stoked to get to see Matt and to see them play.  Our hang-out won’t last more than 24 hours, but it’s better than zero hours.  Conveniently my current favorite band is also on tour and playing the following night in Atlanta as well.  I will be attending the Thou show alone and soaking in all of their sludgy doom.

Enough typing for the day.


2 thoughts on “Abrams Creek

  1. Yeah riding that bike! Angie and I were just meeting and talking about a bike ride we are going to do together. We are riding to Toronto in 3 days! It is going to be intense. Hopefully we can inspire each other to ride harder and farther. We are going to have to do a few 100+ mile days.

  2. That’s so rad!! You two are going to conquer all of those miles and feel soooo good!! I wish I could ride out to Bike!Bike! with all of you! Be safe & have fun!

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