Kneezies: Plural for lame knees

What is adventure without leaving open all possibilities? Many of you have asked us if we mapped out our route for this trip.  What small attempts we made were never for more than a week, and we never followed them for more than two days. We left, and still continue to leave our route open.  However, I am sad to admit that our mode of transportation has changed.

Jump back a few years and you would find me with a busted knee, travel midway between then and now and you would find me recovering from knee surgery. Torn cartilage in my knee had flipped over and was steadily digging a groove in my femur with every movement I made.  Since then running has always been too high impact for my knee, but biking was only bad in the winter.  You add a decent amount of weight to that bike, ride in constant rolling hills and it’s almost instant and incessant pain. At first I tried to ignore the pain.  If you know me, you know that I rarely take any sort of medication. It got to the point that I was taking 2 Aleve every morning and was still in constant pain for the 35-55 miles we were riding a day.  280 miles in Matthew helped me admit that we needed to stop.  It’s difficult for me to think about not doing something that I have been planning for so long, but I am going to try to look past that. No need for the adventures to end!

So on an excellent note, Matt and I have decided to hold up here in the lovely Austin, Texas for a couple of months.  We will find jobs, a place to stay and then depart for Chile.  We still plan to travel South and Central America for a few months, unfortunately our bikes won’t be with us for our travels.  Why Chile first? Well my Papa will be there and I’ve always wanted to have him show me around his home country. A thrill this will be and I look forward to seeing my family and traveling around with Matt.

Oh and I must say that the bike and vegan friendliness of Austin is incredible. Ian has been super helpful and rad to let us crash with him for now and give us ideas of places to check out as well.  I really don’t mind avoiding the Michigan winter either. It feels great to leave our adventure path open.

More to come soon on some details of our really random Little Rock, Arkansas to Marshall, Texas bike tour.

Lots of climbs.


2 thoughts on “Kneezies: Plural for lame knees

  1. hey guys!! i’m super bummed to hear about your knee problems. lately i have been having problems in my hands/joints/forearms and even simple things like opening a door or opening a bag of chips hurts like a mutherfucker. but yeah even just riding around town is an ass pain so i understand what yr goin through. i’m glad you guys are safe and are crashing in austin. you could get bike taxi jobs!
    detroit is still here, stuffs happening, still the routine. man new years was fucking crazy! noman and tsp and the state lottery played at trumbullplex and it was off the hook! shiiit. place was packed and people were getting down. one huuuge bummer though was all the gun shots outside. from 8pm till after 2am all you could here is people shooting off there fuckin guns in the air. i even heard machine guns! i was really scared actually. the next day i made vegan tamales based on a recipe i found online. jenny and i decided to search for images of tamales that looked the best and get the recipe that way instead of sifting through text. i think i will do that from now on! anyway kick some ass out there and take care of each other.

  2. Awww S!
    It’s so good to hear from you. Thanks for all of your kind words. My knee is still pretty busted but it feels slightly better not riding around with all of the weight. I’m sorry to hear your joints are all messed up as well. Try some tart cherry juice and taking glucosomine (there are a couple of vegan ones out there), might help things out a bit.

    That show sounds like it was a blast on NYE. Matt really misses playing music and we miss the whole Detroit vibe. However we are enjoying ourselves and it’s fun to try something different. Austin is treating us well. We are renting a room and are enjoying cooking in a kitchen (I plan to post our on the road recipes to this eventually). Lots of places in Austin sell vegan tamales but I’m curious to make my own. If you get a chance, share the recipe.

    Take care and keep in touch!
    Much love,

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