Making friends in Austin

Meet Rusty.  Rusty hangs out next to my place often.  Perhaps daily, but I’m not here everyday to verify this.  Somewhere between 1700 and 1730 you can usually find Rusty swaying in the wind, holding on to the electrical lines in front of my apartment building.  Rusty and 3-4 other rock pigeons frequent this hot spot.

Rusty visits.

Matt actually spotted Rusty and crew about a half mile down the road this afternoon,  picking up lunch in the parking lot of a taco place.

Sometimes walking home I can spot a rusty blur amongst the blue and the gray.  Rusty pays no mind to our silly human time changes, not with an internal clock working just fine. To me it seemed as if their arrival was an hour late, but in fact 5 minutes early according to yesterday. I grabbed my binoculars and explained with excitement to Matt that he should come and see and say hello to our friend, the red rock pigeon.




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