Ours to Tell Zine

I want to share this here as well because I heavily support this project, reproductive rights, access and information rights and I am 100% pro-choice.  She says it best so I’m not going to try to reiterate what the project is about.  Follow along on the website, Ours to Tell, and you can also submit your own piece.  What’s it all about?  Here’s a sample, but make sure to check out the site for more!

The public debate over choice versus life is a dangerous misrepresentation of the very real struggle that millions of women face every day to maintain sovereignty over their own bodies. There is an insidious notion that persists which asserts that anyone who chooses abortion must not value human life or comprehend the true responsibility of sexual maturity. Both of these assumptions are wrong. Both of these assumptions hurt women (and not just women, but people of all genders who believe that their sex lives are not up for legal designation according to the current political climate), and both of these assumptions undermine our struggle for equality and personal autonomy. Both of these assumptions work off of the premise that female bodies and the brains which control them are ill equipped to grasp the consequences of a life in the murky waters between lifestyle and risk management. This is not true.

The first deadline for submissions is April 23, 2011.  View Ours to Tell for more information.


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