Through the Andes…

After a six hour or so bus ride, mostly through the Andes Mountains, we arrived to Mendoza, Argentina from Santiago.  We caught a glimpse of a 18-wheeler sleeping on its side on one of the couple of dozen hairpin curves.  Luckily our bus stayed awake as we passed the highest point in the Andes, its top reaching close to 7,000 meters.

We should never plan, because things never go according to plans.  We arrived with the clouds into Mendoza.  Our plans were to get Argentian pesos, eat at  veg´n buffet, buy fuel for the camping stove, then take the bus to the campground 6km away.  Well we got some pesos, bought some fuel but apparently veg´n buffets don´t expect people to eat dinner.  We found 4 places all closed by around 4pm and not opening again until lunch the next day.

We gave up, bought fuel, ate empanadas we had in our bags at a parque, picked up some veggies for dinner and then headed to the bus stop to catch our bus to the campground.  Turns out you can´t just pay and instead have to buy a card.  Stores were out of cards, it began to sprinkle, the sun was setting and we were annoyed with walking everywhere to find a bus card. 

Better saved for the morning… so three hostels later we found a cheap place to stay.  Made dinner and attempted to plan things out.  So off we go again to find bus cards and head to the campground.


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