Professional Dreamers

…full time travelers, part time workers…professional dreamers

Those are the people that you can find in Antarctica, so says Stefan Pashov the philosopher and forklift driver living in Antarctica and interviewed in Werner Herzog‘s film, Encounters at the End of the World.

I find it a bit ironic that I can be so drawn to the only continent in which bats do not exist, but alas it is true, winged mammals are not the only creatures that fascinate me.  And those glaciers…how can one not be drawn to their intense and massive beauty, their movements making them just as alive.

Herzog is by far my favorite writer, producer, director – drawing me in with his voice that is the perfection of narration and intriguing me with topics often ignored by film.  Although I have yet to see them all, I do not doubt that Encounters at the End of the World will continue to be the most fascinating.  Originally inspired by the videos taken by a diver and scientist in Antarctica, Herzog explores who the people are living on this continent and what has brought them there.  Going back to what was said above,

…a fair amount of the population here are full time travelers and part time workers… those are the professional dreamers.  Through them the great cosmic dreams come into fruition….there are many different ways for the reality to bring its self forward and dreaming is definitely one of those ways.

The dedication and passion documented in this film inspires me to no end.  From those who escaped their life of imprisonment and now live a life where at any moment they have everything they need in their bag and can survive and be ready for any adventure.  Another so intrigued by the behavior and life of penguins that the interest of conversations with humans no longer exists.  Scientists discovering new species on the ocean floor that go beyond anything that has ever been depicted in the sci-fi world.  The thought of pressing my ear to the ice and hearing the weddell seals calling below…I can’t even begin to imagine the emotions of such an experience.

I’ll end with that and asking myself what am I doing laying in my apartment awake dreaming night after night, keeping myself from sleeping with thoughts of adventures in my future.


4 thoughts on “Professional Dreamers

  1. Excellent post – very ethereal & a perfect way of forgetting all those manmade trappings of the frantic modern gadget-stuffed world full of economic-doom mongering (in Europe at least). Keep meaning to see Herzog’s latest; as you mention it’s meant to be beautifully captured. Alas i’m repeatedly distracted by Nic Cage quotes replaying in my head from his hilarious remake of Bad Lieutenant – anything but the natural world hehe

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Bad Lieutenant was an odd one!! Herzog just came out with his latest, Into the Abyss, it’s actually in theaters in the U.S. right now and I just saw it the other day. Yet another fantastic film, but Encounters is still my favorite!

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