One Hundred For Haiti

It’s been two years since the earthquake hit that has truly devastated Haiti, and yet there is still so much suffering and intense struggle.  I want to take a moment to draw attention to positive action that is being taken to directly benefit the people of Haiti.

One Hundred For Haiti is raising awareness and working directly with the people of Haiti to make a difference.  They have delivered supplies directly to the clinics, taking risky boat trips to get the people what they need.  Their dedication and your support is making a difference.

One Hundred For Haiti is committed to the development, relief, and support of individuals and independent orphanages and clinics in post-earthquake Haiti.  At the core of the organization is this international community of compassionate people like you who have donated time, money, and creativity at ALL levels from $1 and up.

They have just released a new self-sustaining project, MOTO LOGISTICS, that will provide jobs, transportation and income to clinics, orphanages and other critical organizations in Haiti.  As said in their press release:

 The clinics will use these motorcycles by day to save money through being able to deliver supplies, medicines, and patients, themselves and then will be able to earn money by night as the motorcycles are used as the principle vehicles of private motorcycle-­‐based taxi services.

The profits from the taxi service will be split, with 10% going to a repair fund for the motorcycles, 10% going towards repayment of the loan for the motorcycles, and the remaining 80% going to the organization itself. The organizations can decide what percentage of that amount will be retained by the organization, and what percentage will be profit for the driver.

They need your support!!! To learn more, visit and please support their efforts!

Please reblog and help spread the word!


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