Fever and Snow in the Spring

This past week was an interesting combination of snow and vomit.  Yes, snow and vomit.  Outside the snow blanketed our surroundings for three days, it fell so heavily the first day that we lost electricity for 15 or so hours.  Snow on the ground means no field work for us and I couldn’t help but feel relieved when I awoke to find snow on the ground at 4am after battling my stomach for the past 30 hours.  We’ve managed to keep a stomach virus lingering around the house for just over a week now.  My stomach is still confused on what to do when food attempts to enter it, it grumbles and churns with doubt.  The first night it appeared, two of us crawled out of our rooms when we heard our other housemate stirring.  All three of us leaning in our doorways in the hallway, holding our stomaches, describing our symptoms and too dizzy to stand there to hold any sort of conversation.   Did you just puke? Do you have a fever?  Is your stomach aching? ughhhhhhhh.  Just when we thought it was clearing out, we welcomed Michael back to the house with his very own opportunity of experiencing this lovely virus. Sorry!

My backyard in the morning, the snow continued to fall throughout the day.

I did manage to keep my stomach stable enough to leave the house mid-week and head to Cooper’s Rock State Park in West Virginia to meet my lovely friend and Detroit nature walk partner, Holly.  She’s been exploring this area every year of her life, visiting family here regularly.  While in Detroit, Holly and I would go on nature walks through the metro parks.  We stepped it up a bit by getting a chance to explore Cooper’s Rock together.  We caught up on life and squeezed through narrow rock crevices all evening.  She brightened my week and I’m hoping for camping adventures with her this summer.

With Holly at Cooper’s Rock State Park, West Virginia

Mountain life!  I’ve been enjoying variable weather and hearing so many birds in my backyard, including a barred owl, whip-poor-will, black-throated green warblers, black and white warblers, pileated woodpeckers, song sparrows, a woodcock, red-eyed vireos and well this list could really go on for a very long time.  I’m sure I’ll do a bird update post very soon.


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