Call for Submissions for Zine

Puffball Fungi – Vascellum pratense from a hike in 2010.

Just wanting to spread the word that I plan to put out a zine before the end of summer and if anyone would like to contribute, that’d be rad.  The general theme is about reconnecting with the natural world. That’s a very general description and can encompass a variety of subjects- as it should.

Helpful suggestions but in no way limited to:

short stories, poems, photographs, collages, drawings, any form of art that can be printed and copied out into a zine.

They can be about reconnecting with nature, finding that balance of loving city life but needing trees and wildlife and hikes in the woods and any and all of that.  Things that you fear about nature, sleeping in the woods on the beach, your adventures, your struggles with shitting or not shitting in the woods, sleeping under a full moon. Experiencing things for the first time, or what you would like to experience but don’t know where to start.  Your first time really appreciating nature. Run with it.

Please send submissions via email or by mail (but email me for my mailing address please).  Thanks!

batsnbikes [at] gmail [dot] com


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