Braddock, I’ll miss you

I’ve spent my entire life saying good-bye to towns and cities and the friends that I’ve made living within them.  However, without moving from place to place I would have never had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people nor would I have been able to develop the friendships that have grown in both my presence and absence.  I continue to look forward, but I do so with the strength I have gained from those that I have met along the way.  Those that have filled my homes with laughter and the smell of vegan meals.  Those that have helped me question my actions, allowed me to appreciate often forgotten aspects of life, and those that have been there for me during the difficult times but also there to create new, happy memories.

My last year in Pennsylvania, a little over a third of my time spent living in Braddock or visiting prior to my move, was filled with all of the above moments and more.  During my last week in Detroit in 2012 I was lucky enough to make connections that would lead to my introduction of rad people in Braddock, Pittsburgh, and other nearby cities- opening the doors to punk/hardcore/vegan/straight edge/etc life in the region.  I can’t help but value those connections as they often lead to fantastic and like-minded people.  I want to thank you all for making me feel so welcome, for letting me sleep on your couches, inviting me to shows, trips out of town, vegan potlucks, coffee shop and beach hangs, yoga classes and everything else.  And to be able to live with two rad friends (and their cats and rats) for the winter, being only a few minutes walk away from other friends, felt like some a privilege.

My last weekend in Braddock consisted of epic hangs and meals together, and of course, a long awaited camping trip with a few friends from Braddock/PGH.  Again, I have to say that Raccoon Creek State Park is a great escape from the city for hiking a camping.  It’s decent for a fragmented piece of land so close to a major city.  Camping on 4/20 with sober and vegan friends assures for the best camping snacks and conversations.  Our attempt at pancakes cooked on the fire was perfect for breakfast following a night of pizza hobo/mountain pies, s’mores and junk food (and fruit).  The fire kept us warm on our 30 degree night, no rain to chill us, only frost on the surface as we awoke at sunrise.

x420x Camping Trip

x420x Camping Trip

Vegan pancakes and sausage


I look forward to future visits, much love to you all!  Now I must venture on to new areas…


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