Who I am & What I’m doing

A need for adventures, exploring, studying flora y fauna, and riding my bike.

I started this blog just before leaving for a 6 month track of living in the Smoky Mountains National Park and Cherokee National Forest (and lots of research in the Nantahala National Forest).  We tracked federally endangered Indiana bats (Myotis sodalis)- we analyzed and recorded information about the bats, plus their roost selections.  In addition, we recorded data on the vegetation around the roosts, while studying into forests that were burned, noting any changes, looking for roost potential and lots more.

Basically I spent half the year hiking around in the forests chasing after bats, looking for dead trees and recording info about both of these things.  It’s a whole new world when you are hiking off of a trail and trying to find your way out of the forest at night.  For more information on this project, search my posts and check out the project’s site.

And now as I update this I find myself back in the Cherokee National Forest, in the northern region looking for Indiana bats in places they’ve never been found.  Three summers of intense searching, but this time it’s all a part of my PhD research.  Field research in the spring and summer season with course work and more research at Indiana State University during the fall and winter.

All while attempting to update this as much as time allows and maintaining my zine with collected submissions, The Nature Zine. This blog will consist of random write-ups about adventures, bats, bikes, veganism, nature/science, ecology, things of interest and other thoughts.  It should be known that the views expressed on my blog are my own personal opinions and may not represent the views of organizations I have previously worked for nor those I currently work for.

Thanks for reading…



NPR featured my technician’s field job on my research project, listen here.

A video summary about some of my research from ISU newsroom:


13 thoughts on “Who I am & What I’m doing

  1. I love bats and bikes, so this awesome! Seriously, hiking around in forests chasing bats sounds fabulous. Many of my favorite parts of college were tromping around in streams and wetlands for my ecology classes. I hope that you get to continue your fieldwork in your PhD and I’d love to hear more about the ecology of Detroit. I know DC, where I live, has all sorts of weird ecological gems.

  2. I’ve been to the Smoky Mountains once, on a ten-day trek. We got lost numerous times, ventured off the trail for a little bit more adventure, and had tons of fun, but I expect that’s nothing compared to the experience you had!

    Great blog, by the way! 🙂

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