Call for Submissions: The Nature Zine, issue 3


It’s that time of year, well, a bit past due but I was lucky enough to be doing field research for an extra 5 weeks this year. I’m looking for your submissions for issue 3 of The Nature Zine: (re)connecting with the natural world.

Get creative! Send your poems, stories, thoughts, illustrations, paintings, photos to be submitted in the next issue. Topics can include but are not limited to: favorite hikes, backcountry recipes (vegan only please), foraging tips, trail reviews, adventure stories, bike touring, species descriptions/identification tips, collages, places in the city to appreciate the natural world, permaculture, primitive skills,  fears of the natural world, train hopping, attempts to balance city and wilderness, essays, book reviews. I think you get the idea.

There will be a limited edition tape release with issue 3!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted to and supported the Nature Zine in the past and continue to do so. Issues 1 & 2 are still available, but there may be a delay on shipping as I need to focus on getting Issue 3 together for now. If you are in Chicago or New York City, you can pick up a copy at Quimby’s Bookstore or Bluestockings Bookstore.

Send submissions to batsnbikes at gmail dot com by December 1, 2014. If you prefer to snail mail your copy, please email for an address.



Call for Submissions- Issue #2


Issue One of The Nature Zine is still going strong and I’m looking to put issue 2 together by September.  Please send me your stories, poems, hiking tips, backpackinging food recipes, thoughts on exploring the outdoors, your photos, your illustrations, trail reviews, escaping the city….. I could go on-  you get it.

Much thanks to my rad friends for their previous contributions, touring with my zines, adding them to their distro and spreading the word.  If you are in Chicago or NYC you can also pick up the Nature Zine at Quimby’s and Blue Stockings –  much thanks to them as well for keeping The Nature Zine in stock.

Looking forward to adding your stories and art to the next issue!  Please share widely.

Call for Submissions for Zine

Puffball Fungi – Vascellum pratense from a hike in 2010.

Just wanting to spread the word that I plan to put out a zine before the end of summer and if anyone would like to contribute, that’d be rad.  The general theme is about reconnecting with the natural world. That’s a very general description and can encompass a variety of subjects- as it should.

Helpful suggestions but in no way limited to:

short stories, poems, photographs, collages, drawings, any form of art that can be printed and copied out into a zine.

They can be about reconnecting with nature, finding that balance of loving city life but needing trees and wildlife and hikes in the woods and any and all of that.  Things that you fear about nature, sleeping in the woods on the beach, your adventures, your struggles with shitting or not shitting in the woods, sleeping under a full moon. Experiencing things for the first time, or what you would like to experience but don’t know where to start.  Your first time really appreciating nature. Run with it.

Please send submissions via email or by mail (but email me for my mailing address please).  Thanks!

batsnbikes [at] gmail [dot] com